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What we stand for

Yes Queen Club is a generative collection of fabulous and proud digital collectible queer characters living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Unlike other avatar projects, when you purchase a Queen you help fund our community. A 100% of your purchase goes directly into funding the YQC community.

community first

Our collective wealth will cultivate and fund ideas that strengthen our community and ultimately distribute wealth to members. No ideas are too big or too small! 


The community votes and decides. One day we might donate 10% to a nonprofit, next we could be supporting an incredible artist! Who knows?! As a community we vote together and decide together.


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First auction starts January 25th, 2022 @ 12:00pm EST! 
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every hour

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  • 1 Queen is auctioned every hour until 10,000 Queens are auctioned.
  • Bidders can bid whatever they want for each Queen during the auction.
  • Every Auction starts at 0.07Ξ, if there are no bidders on that certain auction the Queen is burned at the end of the hour.
  • Burned Queens will never be minted
  • 100% of the proceeds from every Queen auction is sent directly to the Yes Queen DAO treasury. 100% of the proceeds from secondary sales in the open market also go directly to the YQ DAO Treasury.
  • All Queens are members of the Yes Queen DAO
  • Yes Queen DAO will hold a commercial license to every Queen’s art and 100% of the profits of their use will be deposited directly into the Yes Queen DAO. Think of merchandising, cartoon series, toys, comic books, etc.
  • 1 Queen equals 1 vote in the Yes Queen DAO
  • Treasury is controlled exclusively by Queens via governance
  • Artwork is generative and stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS
  • All Queens are equally rare and valuable. No explicit rules and attributes will differentiate one from the other.
  • Every 7 hours 3 Queens are given to Founders as payment for their work


Creating a Queen

Queens will be stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.
Every Queen will be generated randomly based on Ethereum block hashes. There will be no 'if' statements or other rules governing Queen’s trait scarcity/rarity.

All Queens will be equally rare.
Queens will be made of:
Skin tone
Skin conditions
Body Hair
Facial Hair

A Queen Seeder contract will be used to determine each trait above to be used during the minting process. The Yes Queen DAO will have the ability to replace the seeder contract to allow for future trait generation algorithm upgrades. Or, the DAO can decide to lock it to prevent any future updates.

Hourly Auctions

The Queens Auction Contract will act as a self-sufficient Queen generation and distribution mechanism, auctioning one Queen every hour, for a total of 10,000 uninterrupted hours.

100% of auction proceeds (ETH) are automatically deposited in the Yes Queen DAO treasury, where they are governed by Queen owners.

Each auction will be settled at the top of every hour. If at settlement, the auction has not received a minimum bid of 0.07Ξ the Queen will be destroyed forever. If the minimum price of 0.07Ξ has been reached during the auction, the settlement transaction will mint a new Queen and the ETH paid for the Queen will be deposited in the Yes Queen DAO treasury.

No matter what happens, one auction will start at the beginning of every hour for 10,000 hours without interruption until all Queens are minted or destroyed.

Yes Queen DAO

Yes Queen DAO will be built on a governance framework so that you can easily participate in shaping the direction of Yes Queen DAO.

Anybody with 1 Queen in or delegated to their wallet can propose a governance action; these are simple or complex sets of actions, such as adding support for a new asset, purchasing a piece of artwork to be part of Yes Queen Club Art Collection, investing a portion of the treasury into specific tokens or ventures, etc.

Proposals are executable code, not suggestions for a team or foundation to implement.All proposals are subject to a 3 day voting period, and any address with voting power can vote for or against the proposal. If a majority and a certain % of the votes are cast for the proposal, it is queued in the Timelock, and will be implemented after 2 days.

Each Queen is an irrevocable member of Yes Queen DAO and entitled to one vote in all governance matters. Queen votes are non-transferable (if you sell your Queen the vote goes with it) but delegatable, which means you can assign your vote to someone else as long as you own your Queen.

Yes Queen DAO Treasury
100% of the proceeds from the Queen auctions, secondary sales and any other revenue stream from Yes Queen Club will be deposited in the Yes Queen Club Treasury. We expect to have a significant amount of funds in our treasury and we want to ensure it is managed in a way that provides growth to the community and is also 100% transparent.  A lot of careful thought and design has gone into our DAO treasury management to ensure that we are able to preserve a trustless relationship between the manager of the treasury and the members of our DAO, when creating our treasury management strategy we based it in a few very important trust guarantees that we expect our DAO to provide to every stakeholder:
  • Security in place to ensure the persons responsible for managing the strategy can not misappropriate funds.
  • On-chain full transparency that shows that the funds are being put to work in a strategy that is pre-approved by the governance process.
  • A way to delegate day to day management efficiently.
  • Ability to restrict, pause or remove delegated permissions if certain thresholds or parameters are not adhered to.
  • Full transparency, real-time reporting and analytics
  • Access to all the major opportunity protocols and opportunities in DeFi (trading, farming, liquidity provision, borrowing and staking).

Passion for crypto is something that all our DAO members have in common and we believe that there is a lot of potential for growth and disruption in crypto. Because of that, investing our funds in crypto makes complete sense from an economic standpoint (financial value capture) and also from a social standpoint, as we believe we need to be catalysts of this evolution. 

With that in mind and with the intention of guaranteeing exposure, capturing significant capital gain and reducing risk/volatility of our investments we developed a semi-autonomous investment strategy.

The algorithm applies a systemic trading strategy of long and short term trend following to a pool of pre-selected cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrencies pool is selected through the analysis of several trading technical indicators and is constantly reviewed to add and remove assets to ensure that is following the trends and developments of the market.

Every trade is generated by the algorithm that will define which asset to buy, how much and when according with the criteria that has been established and tested. There is no human discretion in this part of the process. When the a trade is generated, the treasury manager reviews the order to guaranty adherence to the rules and to ensure there are no errors in the algorithm. Once the manager approved the trade the order is placed. Every trade is on-chain and can be viewed by anyone, any time.

Our treasury risk management algorithm will be constantly analyzed to ensure that the exposure levels and risk are always aligned with the pre-determined trading parameters.

Our initial strategy has been back tested using the period of 2016 to 2020 and generated impressive returns with a very reasonable risk level (biggest drawdown was 34%).

In 2021, our treasury manager tested this algorithm in real time and it generated a 3,000% return, biggest drawdown at 37% while at the same time the market corrected at 70%. It is a very favorable risk and return ratio that will help us provide wealth generation to our DAO while being a catalyst for the crypto market and our community.

We’re very pleased with our starting treasury management strategy but we believe that are a few different ways we can further expand on our portfolio and improve our treasury management algorithms. We’re looking to build these tools together with our community and we welcome our members participation and input. 

Most importantly, the power always lies within the community and anything and everything can be changed in our treasury management strategy. If you have a change to propose please go ahead and submit it using our governance tools.

Governance Slow Start

In addition to the safeguard embedded in the Yes Queen DAO framework, the Founders will give themselves a special veto right to ensure that no malicious proposals can be passed while the Queen supply is low. The veto right will only be used if an obviously harmful governance proposal has been approved. The veto will only be used by the Founders as a last resort.

Founders will revoke this veto right when the Queen supply reaches a certain level and the community becomes actively engaged in the governance process.

Yes Queen DAO Proposals

Every Queen mother is encouraged to submit proposals for new projects, investments, ventures, donations, or anything else the community may find appropriate. Every application should clearly state the following:

- What you are proposing?
- Who will execute the proposal?
- How will the proposal be executed?
- What is the timeline you expect to complete the proposal?
- How much will it cost and what is the funding schedule of your proposal?
- All relevant or supporting documentation to your proposal.

Informal proposal
Post your project idea on the Yes Queen Town Hall (A section of the Yes Queen Club website where Queen mothers will be able to form discussions and proposals around the Yes Queen Club ecosystem. The Yes Queen Club will use this place to discuss Yes Queen DAO proposals, discuss drafts and project status, and discuss other aspects of the Yes Queen Club ecosystem as a whole.) using the above application format as a rough template. This should be a rough draft of what your final proposal may look like. Be sure to include everything necessary for anyone to understand what your project entails.

The Town Hall will be the main channel where you will receive feedback. Once published, proceed to push your idea (including Town Hall link) in the Yes Queen Club discord and Twitter for exposure. Remember, community feedback and suggestions should always be encouraged as it will increase greatly your success rate within the Yes Queen DAO ecosystem.

A sponsor is required
A minimum threshold of 5% of the total Queen community supply is required to submit proposals (for example, if 100 Queens have currently been minted, you will require the endorsement of 5 Queens). Find one or more Queen mothers to sponsor your proposal to take it on-chain. Throughout the application process you will interact with Queen mothers that will naturally want to sponsor you given there is interest in getting the project off the ground.

Finalize your proposal by incorporating the community feedback you’ve received so far. Once finalized, get your sponsor(s) to share your proposal with the community in the discord and twitter to get a feel for general consensus around your proposal. You should be reasonably sure that your proposal would pass were it to go on-chain.

Submit proposal on-chain
With your sponsor(s), use the proposal creation interface found in the DAO section of Yes Queen Club website to submit the proposal on-chain.

The voting process will work as follows:

- Once the proposal has been submitted, there is a waiting period of 48 hours before votes can be cast.
- Voting will last 3 days. Queen mothers or their delegates will be able to vote.
- After the voting period ends, if there is a minimum of 20% of the total current Queen supply that voted to approve the proposal, the proposed transactions (funding) will be executed 2 days after the voting period has ended.

Executing the project
As you execute your project, make sure you to keep the community updated with progress. While there is no strict protocol, weekly updates on progress are status quo. Drop brief summaries of what you've done on a weekly basis in the discord and twitter, the community will be happy to cheer you on!

Founders’ Payment

The Founders are a group of 4 individuals that created and conceptualized the Yes Queen Club.

- @jax_brandybuck – Sparkle Spreader & Rainbow Creator
- @patiAquarela – Artist & Unicorn Designer
- @ChrisG – Queen Mother & Community Manager
- @ThomasScovell – Marketing Guru & Fairy Godmother

Because 100% of Queen’s auction proceeds are sent to Yes Queen DAO, and to maintain fairness, Founders will be compensated with Queens. This will ensure that Founders are compensated for their work but they will also be automatically invested in the success of the Yes Queen DAO. Their compensation is directly related to the success of the DAO.

At the end of every 7 Queen auctions, 3 Queens will be automatically sent to the Founders’ multi-signature shared wallet.

Founders’ distributions won’t interfere with the cadence of hourly auctions. Queens are sent directly to the Founders’ wallet and auctions continue on schedule with the next available Queen.